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Journeys Inward Hypnosis

Stop Smoking - Hypnosis MP3


Stop Smoking - Hypnosis MP3


Product Description

Produced by Journeys Inward                     Voice Artist: Asheida

A life without smoking. Can you envision it? A life without the health problems, the money drain and the social stigma smokers carry. It can be yours with the help of our smokers cessation hypnotherapy mp3! 

Most smokers know the health risks of tobacco. Smoking is linked to many diseases, and if you smoke, you know that it also puts a strain on your wallet. A pack-a-day habit can cost up to $1500 per year, not to mention the extra cost of medical bills for smoking-related illnesses. If you are a smoker, you have an increased risk of developing heart disease, lung cancer and emphysema among many other diseases. In fact, cigarette smoke contains hundreds of poisons and dozens of cancer-causing chemicals that can contribute to a number of diseases and disabilities.  

More than 400,000 people die from smoking-related causes each year. If you smoke in your 30s and 40s, you have five times the risk of having a heart attack than people your age who do not smoke. In addition, non-smokers probably avoid you because cigarette smoke makes them sick too. So why don’t you just quit? 

If you are like most smokers, you probably started when you were young. You may have thought it was cool to smoke, and you wanted to fit in with your friends. Soon enough, you became addicted to nicotine. Now, years later, even though you know you have a dangerous and expensive habit, you just can’t seem to stop. Of course you don’t want to find out the hard way what it’s like to have cancer or a heart attack. You would much rather quit and live a long, healthy life. So what can you do to break this addiction? Try hypnosis! 

Hypnosis can help smokers quit by addressing the problem at a subconscious level. You can re-frame your thinking so that you no longer crave cigarettes. In fact, hypnotic suggestions can make cigarettes completely undesirable. Instead of wanting them, you will want to avoid them. 

This Stop Smoking MP3 will help you:

  • resist the urge to smoke.
  • make cigarette smoking an undesirable habit instead of something you crave.
  • replace the urge to smoke with a desire to be healthy and smoke-free.


Act now! Download our Smoking Cessation Hypnosis MP3 and you can quit smoking for good!

If you would like to hear a sample of this Hypnotherapy MP3 please use the player below. Please keep in mind the background music on the MP3 you download may be different. Each MP3 has different background music and sound effects

Asheida Voice Sample1 by JourneysInward
Background music provided by: Silencio Music, Christopher Lloyd & Royalty Free Music

Customer Feedback:

I stopped smoking 3 weeks before buying this recording but I bought it to help me when I feel tempted. If I ever feel the temptation to smoke, I listen to this MP3 and it reminds me why I am remaining smoke free! I would recommend it to anyone.”

- B.B. Colorado


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