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Journeys Inward Hypnosis

Overcome Loneliness - Hypnotherapy MP3


Overcome Loneliness - Hypnotherapy MP3


Product Description

Produced by Journeys Inward                     Voice Artist: Asheida

You don’t have to feel lonely anymore.

Do you often feel alone even in a crowd? You cannot feel a connection to other people, even if you have known them for years. If you struggle with loneliness, you probably feel emptiness inside that cannot be filled no matter how much time you spend with other people. It’s an isolating feeling that can be hard to shake. Harder still is the fact that when you feel disconnected, you are likely to behave in a way that keeps people at even more of an emotional distance.

Sometimes, a change in your life can cause feelings of loneliness. When you move to a new place or start a new job, you may wonder if you will ever fit in with the new people around you. Or maybe the people you used to spend time with are the one that move on and you find yourself left behind and feeling alone.

Some people struggle for a lifetime with chronic feelings of loneliness. Usually this comes from insecurity and fear of rejection that keeps the lonely person from opening up and allowing new people into his or her life. If you suffer in this way, keep in mind that loneliness is just a feeling – and it is a feeling that everyone has at one time or another.  However, this feeling does not have to control your life or interfere with your ability to have rewarding relationships with other people.

Hypnosis can help with chronic feelings of loneliness because those feelings exist for the most part in the subconscious mind. This MP3 will work directly with the hidden feelings that stop you from opening up and engaging with other people.

With the Self Hypnosis MP3 you can

  • Learn to relax more in social situations.
  • Learn to interact with others and make friends more easily.
  • Feel secure and comfortable with yourself, even when there are no other people around.
  • Feel more connected to other people. 

Download this Hypnosis MP3 and begin to create more meaningful relationships in your life.

If you would like to hear a sample of this Hypnotherapy MP3 please use the player below. Please note the hypnotic background music on the MP3 you download may be different than the sample. Each MP3 is unique.


Asheida Voice Sample by JourneysInward
Background music provided by: Silencio Music, Christopher Lloyd & Royalty Free Music

Customer Feedback:

"again...right on the mark.....and when out of no where, suddenly I feel that "wave of Loneliness" come washing over me.....(as so many of my "friends" disappeared after my divorce.) I sit down and put that MP3 on and it again helps me so much! You have such a "calming voice" immediately puts me at "ease".....I now sit with one of the recordings and can lose myself in it and come away "relaxed" and with a more positive attitude. I tell myself "OK, I can handle this."I feel myself getting back to who I used to be!"

- S.E.L, Massachusetts






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