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Journeys Inward Hypnosis

Manifest Your Life as you Want it


Manifest Your Life as you Want it


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Produced by Journeys Inward                     Voice Artist: Asheida

Manifest the Life you Want

Would you like to discover the secret of how to manifest what you want?

Have you come across someone who always seems to get whatever they want? They have the perfect partner and relationship, the dream job, the beautiful home, great kids and are always happy and content?

On the other hand, how many people do you know whose life seems to be a, constant struggle?  They have difficulty holding down a steady job, continual money struggles, never seem to develop any kind of long-term relationships and health problems.

Why is it that some people seem to have everything you could ever wish for, while others seem to battle through life with nothing but problems and difficulties to show for it?

These two types of people are manifesting completely different lives for themselves because of the laws of the universe.

To manifest what you desire in life, you have to first understand the principles of some very powerful universal laws which govern all our daily lives. There are certain laws that are at work every day whether or not we are aware of them or understand them:


The Law Of Attraction- This law works on the belief that 'like attracts like', and by simply focusing on positive or negative thoughts you can create positive or negative outcomes.

The Law Of Deliberate Creation- This law states that whatever you focus on and put energy into grows and expands.

The Law Of Allowing-  You have to be open and accepting to receive your desires, without any resistance, doubt, fear or worry.

 These three basic laws is the central concept for all manifesting and creating.

 To manifest what you really want is ultimately determined by how you apply these laws on a daily basis.

 Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are energy that continually vibrates along with everything else in the universe.


 There are numerous techniques to manifest a better more fulfilling life for yourself:

  • Affirmations
  • Goal-setting
  • Hypnosis
  • Meditation

The key to manifesting what you want in life is using these techniques to visualize your goals as if they have already happened!

 It may be difficult for you to believe, but the universe will do everything possible to help you manifest what you want in life; however it can't do everything for you. You first have to align your thoughts with what you desire. Once you do, magic will happen!!!

 This recording will lead you through the process of manifesting the life you have always dreamed of.

 Don't wait download it now and be the creator of your dreams!!!




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