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Is there a place to find peace in this world today?

Posted by Mariah Shipp on

Is the news just too much for you these days? Do you wish you could escape? Is there any place safe?

YES! There is a safe place in your mind. Do you meditate or spend time in nature? Do you give yourself a little quiet time during the day when stress builds up? Agreed, these times are very stressful and if you listen to the news everyday it can put you into a very negative state of mind. Even if you don’t listen to the news, you can’t help but know what is going on around you with all the digital devices, Facebook and the like. So you can’t just pretend that it isn't happening but you can make sure you take some time for yourself each day to get centered and practice a little mindfulness.

If you would like to know more about mindfulness meditation or even begin to practice it, you can download one of my newest recordings called “Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety and Stress”

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Here is a link to some of my other recordings that may be helpful for stress and anxiety. There's lots of good stuff here:

To learn more about mindfulness and try a little exercise read on:

Mindfulness is being fully aware of what you are doing, feeling, or thinking in the present moment. It is bringing the mind, back to the body, when it drifts away and looking deeply into your body, speech, and mind without judging, just noticing what is going on in the moment. When you are doing something with wholehearted awareness, whether it is sitting, standing, walking, eating, driving, washing the dishes, studying, or playing you can practice it. When you are mindful of what is happening in the present moment for a certain amount of time, it creates concentration and when your concentration is strong enough, it leads to insight or wisdom that helps you to overcome sorrow or difficulties. You can then generate more joy and happiness in your daily life, even with all the stresses going on around you!

To benefit from mindfulness you need to practice it. Practice bringing the mind back to the body, to the present moment, to be present with your actions and learning to be your true self. Mindfulness is a path leading to happiness and overall well-being.

So just for a moment, close your eyes softly and start to disengage the mind from your busy thoughts and ideas. Allow the outside world to gradually melt away and dissolve into empty space. Inhale through your nose, hold it for a second and then exhale by blowing out of your mouth a long slow breath. Say to yourself the word, relax on the inhale and as you exhale release all your stress by blowing the breath out. Do this for as long as you like and see how you feel. Do you feel a little better? Ready to get back to work? It only takes a minute or two out of your day to just re-center yourself.

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Mariah Shipp - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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