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Journeys Inward Hypnosis

You forgot to smoke?

Posted by Mariah Shipp on

It always amazes me when I have a client come in who has smoked for 30 years and thinks that it will be impossible for them to stop, then we do the first of the 2 sessions that I offer for smoking cessation and they come back for their next session and say that it is so much easier to be smoke free, than they suspected. I have even heard a client or 2 say they just forgot to smoke!

Hypnosis can help smokers quit by addressing the problem at a subconscious level. You can re-frame your thinking so that you no longer crave cigarettes. In fact, hypnotic suggestions can make cigarettes completely undesirable. Instead of wanting them, you will want to avoid them.

Smoking is like a best friend to those who smoke, it is always there, always available when you need it. Isn’t it interesting that after 30 years of a daily habit that one day you could just stop it, just like that. It amazed me too when I just started my practice to see how well hypnosis worked for my clients!

My feeling is that people are afraid to be without their best friend, they have depended on them for so many years, many since their teen age years when friends are so important.

They are not sure they can live without them. It takes some change work in their mind but very quickly they realize that cigarettes were not their friend at all in fact just the opposite. Clients also tell me that it is a way for them to take a break from their day, a way to connect with other smokers on their lunch break. It makes them instantly part of a club. Maybe there is the fear of changing your friends and the places you are used to going, although there is hardly anywhere that you can go and smoke these days.

When I ask people what they really like about smoking it seems those were the two responses I get most. I guess it is important to think about that a little. Are you are depending on a best friend that isn’t a best friend, that won’t be there for you in the hospital to hold your hand or comfort you when you really need them? If it’s a break you need why not just go outside and breathe! Take 3 long deep breaths and remind yourself when you are doing it why you are quitting smoking. I have many breathing techniques that I teach my clients, to replace that break with cigarettes that they think they need. Call it a breathing break and still take it. We all need a break. We don’t need to fill our lungs with smoke and poisons, just to take a break. Think about it!


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